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Maya Hansen continues to push the envelope with her outrageous design themes, and her 2010-11 corset collection once again seems years ahead of other designers in both orginality and workmanship.

Hansen’s new collection, SteamPunk, is a fresh and freakish hybrid of styles, materials and gadgetry. Yes, gadgets! These aren’t control garments; they’re bold, even disturbing, fashion statements.

In fact, it’s hard to believe that the SteamPunk collection comes from the same shop that produced this stunningly delicate, girlish corset (and an entrire collection like it) just last year.

Hansen’s SteamPunk corsets are severe and anti-romantic — but you’ll want to study them closely and for as long as the wearer can stand the attention! Each corset exudes dominance, power and cutting-edge style — in fact, there’s more than a few touches of BDSM couture in this line.

At the bottom of this post, we’ve included a gallery of images from Valenica Fashion Week earlier this year, at which Hansen debuted the SteamPunk line. In addition, we’ve included some images from Hansen’s photographer, Marcelo Aquilio, which really show the startling impact of these pieces.

Hansen herself is a fiercely independent, 32-year-old Spanish wunderkind with roots in European goth culture and hardcore rock communities. She moved her design catalogue closer to that crowd — and away from the bridal collections that are a large part of her business — this summer with her inspired Heavy Metal corset collection.

SteamPunk shows a further effort on Hansen’s part to find design inspiration in underground aesthetic communities that are typically overlooked by mainstream fashion labels. And she’s smart enough to recognize that, while the cultural values might be “underground”, the community — and the potential market it represents — is enormous, especially in Europe.

Steampunk itself is a bizarre mélange of ideas, fashion and cultural artifacts that’s been around for over 100 years. It combines futuristic sci-fi themes, Victorian fashion trends and a fascination with DIY gadgets.

You’ll find steampunk elements in Tim Burton and Terry GIlliam movies, Jules Verne novels, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Stardust, video games like Final Fantasy, industrial music, weird googles and elaborate pocket watches. On the style side of things, it’s fashion for mad scientists.

Hansen’s SteamPunk corset collection taps into that subculture but elevates it to couture level. There’s a lot of gleaming leather and broad dangling lapels in the collection, along with velvet, faux fur and — of course! — an assortment of buckles, straps, lacings, buttons and other doodads that just boggle the mind.

Head over to to find out where to order or find these pieces this fall. Just be prepared to be the talk of the room anywhere you go in a SteamPunk corset — this collection is years ahead of its time.

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