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Bare Necessities
Dita Von Teese for Perrier

This is the most fun you’re going to have today while shopping for lingerie — or water!

Stripper/actress/queen-of-the-damned Dita Von Teese is featured in a hilarious and titillating promo website by Perrier, www.perrierbydita.com.

It’s a big, interactive site with a mini-film in which Dita wanders through a sumptuous mansion and begins to undress — once you give her the go-ahead!

And what’s under her stunning ivory gown? Nothing but the finest lingerie from La Perla’s Black Label Collection.

But the film isn’t meant to sell La Perla — it’s peddling Perrier. Check it out yourself …. and I’ll see you in the lineup at the supermarket five minutes after it’s over!

(Here’s a snippet from YouTube, though it’s only a hint of what’s on the Perrier site.)

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