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Mondrian Swimwear | Sarah Schofield

Here’s a terrific swimwear collection that’s suddenly getting a lot of attention — probably because it’s so hard to find.

It’s called the Mondrian Swim collection, and it’s designed by a 23-year-old Australian fashionista named Sarah Schofield. If the pattern is familiar, that’s because it’s an homage to 20th Century Dutch painter Piet Mondrian, whose signature style was intersecting blocks of bold, primary colors.

Sarah has done some very creative work in lingerie, corsetry and dresswear, often using laser etching to create precise, highly detailed patterns.

Alas, she’s not really attached a label and so, the Mondrian set isn’t going to be showing up in your favorite swimwear boutique anytime soon. (If anyone knows whether this line is even for sale, please let us know!)

Sarah is a fashion graduate of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, and is currently continuing her studies at the French Fashion Institute in Paris. Over the past few years, she’s won numerous awards for her student work, and has posted images of her collections on Flickr for posterity.

The Mondrian swimwear images have actually been on Sarah’s page since December, but were discovered just this week by a fashion blogger — we first saw them on Trendland — and have been picked up by numerous fashion sites ever since.

Sarah has expressed an interest in landing a job at Dior or Givenchy after interning in Paris. I’d say This should make a nice addition to the resumé!

Mondrian Swimwear | Sarah Schofield

Mondrian Swimwear | Sarah Schofield

Mondrian Swimwear | Sarah Schofield

Mondrian Swimwear | Sarah Schofield
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  1. Kelly says:

    Very artsy! She will go far in the fashion world!

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