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Duloren Campaign

My mother used to say there were three topics unsuitable for dinner table conversation: sex, politics and religion. I wonder what she’d think of this new advert from Brazilian lingerie label Duloren?

Duloren’s controversial campaign takes aim at the Catholic church and the numerous accusations of child sexual abuse against Catholic priests in several countries.

The ad portrays a lingerie-clad model standing outside the Vatican, holding up a crucifix in front of what appears to be a priest. The slogan above, in Portuguese, reads: “Pedophilia, No!”

Duloren is rolling out the campaign through social media such as Facebook and Twitter, then in print campaigns at more than 20,000 points of sale for the company’s lingerie collection.

Duloren knows what they’re doing. It’s a major South American lingerie house, based in a predominantly Catholic country where the church’s latest scandals will have been acutely felt — so the campaign is guaranteed to spark a huge controversy and, coincidentally, Duloren will earn lots of attention.

I doubt such an ad campaign would have the same resonance in North America or elsewhere, though its shock value is unmistakeable.

Nevertheless, that image is so over-the-top outrageous it’s like a bad outtake from a Ken Russell movie. I mean, it’s hard to take issue with Duloren’s position — pedophilia is wrong, duh — but using a highly sexualized semi-clad model to make the point? I don’t know about that.

After all, consider the underlying message here: moral authority has passed from the priesthood (and the Pope!) to … a hottie in her underwear.

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