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Would You Break A Sweat In An $1,850 Sports Bra?
Posted by melanie | July 30, 2010
Body Rock Sport_TrentaBra_1

I rarely work out — like, ever. My idea of working out involves cycling to my favorite ice cream shop, which then kinda defeats the whole purpose of excersing in the first place. But I sure know how to dress the part while faux-exercising.

Anyway, all you gym rats obviously know the benefits of a good sports bra that provides ample support while looking stylish, but would you spend $1,850 on one? Well, apparently Kelly Dooley of BodyRock Sport thinks so.

BodyRock Sport is a Manhattan-based activewear label that combines function and fashion. Think Swarovski crystal accents, animal prints and sports bra with various levels of coverage from “keep ‘em in” to “show ‘em off”.

Her latest design was created in collaboration with jewelry designer  Joseph Knight of Knight & Hammer. The bra consists of a detachable gunmetal sterling silver bracelet and necklace, from Knight & Hammer’s Trenta collection. The black spandex and gunmental burnout bra, with black Swarovski crystal accents, costs — are you ready? — $,1850!

I totally understand wanting to look chic while working out (how else are you supposed to attract the cutie lifting weights?), but honestly, this is a health hazard. Imagine running on the treadmill in that bra?! You will totally take an eye out! And trust me, paramedics hoisting you onto a stretcher because one of the charms stabbed you in the eye — well, I think it’s pretty safe to bet that a black eye won’t up your chicness factor.

But I want to hear from you, dear readers! Would you wear this bra working out? Discuss!

Body Rock Sport_Trenta Bra

Body Rock Sport_Trenta Bra
Back In St Barts: Adriana Lima In VS Catalog Shoot
Posted by richard | July 29, 2010
Adrianna Lima Catalog Shoot For Victoria's Secret

Last week we served up some choice images of VS Angel Alessandra Ambrosio shooting some late season additions for the VS Swim 2010 collection in St Barts.

Victoria’s Secret must have got a deal on off-season room rates, because this week it’s Adriana Lima who is steaming up the surf in the tony Caribbean island.

These images are intended for the Victoria’s Secret catalogue so it doesn’t look like there’s any new product lines involved.

Still, it’s nice to keep tabs on our favorite Brazilian lingerie models. First Alessandra, then Adriana … can Gisele be far behind?

Adrianna Lima Catalog Shoot For Victoria's Secret

Adrianna Lima Catalog Shoot For Victoria's Secret

Adrianna Lima Catalog Shoot For Victoria's Secret

Adrianna Lima Catalog Shoot For Victoria's Secret
Go Greige This Fall With New Neutrals From VPL NYC
Posted by melanie | July 29, 2010

Looks like fall is going to be quite the season for me, what with all the nude tones in designers’ fall runaway shows and the introduction of a new color combination called ‘greige’.

Yep, greige. As you can probably guess, greige is a blend of grey and beige that produces the nicest neutral shade — one that won’t render your skin appearance sickly. This also means that my fall shopping list has been cut in half due to my perpetual flesh-toned wardrobe — much to the dismay of my credit card, I’m sure.

Among the designers who sent models decorated in nude and greige threads was Victoria Bartlett of VPL NYC (nude just also happens to be her signature color). Bartlett’s F/W 2010-2011 collection, Shadows, encompasses her familiar color-blocked lingerie in a bevy of monochromatic tones and fabrics.

In an interview with Net-A-Porter, Bartlett revealed that Shadows was inspired by ‘things falling apart and the notion of dissecting the body’. This idea of ‘falling apart’ is echoed in the pieces within the collection that display de-constructed silhouettes.

Bondage-like lingerie styles are juxtaposed against oversized shapes with asymmetrical hems and draping, while chunky knit trim contrasts with delicate nude fabrics.

Another motif in Bartlett’s new line was patchwork patterns, as seen in her 70s-esque bodysuits which happen to recall the Lake & Stars recent collection.

Yet while we may not be strutting down the sidewalk in a nude bodysuit with yarn trailing a foot behind us, there are some stand-out pieces which  you can integrate into your autumn wardrobe.

My picks are the metallic sequin bra and panty, which layered under a belted chunky knit cardigan yields a relaxed-but-glam look, while the grey velvet athletic-inspired bra and brief is very much on cue with the velour trend this fall.

Eager to get a piece from Bartlett’s Shadows? Some of the F/W collection’s styles are now available at VPL’s online shop.

The gallery below is from VPL’s runway show, with a photo of Bartlett herself at the bottom.

Zoe Saldana for Calvin Klein Envy

Expect to see a lot of Zoe Saldana this fall.

Calvin Klein is planning one of its biggest product launches ever for the fall women’s collection of Envy lingerie, with Avatar actress Zoe Saldana as its face and figure.

Zoe’s Envy campaign will roll out in September in a multi-million-dollar ad blitz timed to coincide with the publication of fall fashion magazines.

CK’s Envy line includes five bras: a triangle, an air push-up, a plunge bra, a tailored demi-bra and a lace demi.

Our question for the Na’vi temptress: do the Envy bras go well with blue?

Here are some early images from the print campaign.

Zoe Saldana for Calvin Klein Envy

Zoe Saldana for Calvin Klein Envy

Zoe Saldana for Calvin Klein Envy

Robert Pattinson

I know many of you Twi-hards are probably salivating after reading the headline above (my Twilight-obsessed girlfriend goes into anaphylactic shock at the mention of anything pertaining to the vampire series), so I’ll give you a moment to compose yourself before reading on.

Good? Okay.

Yes, my Robert Pattinson worshippers, you read it correctly: the tousled-haired vampire has inspired a line of men’s underwear  to be sold at UK chain retailer Marks & Spencer in September, aptly named — wait for it — the R-Pant. I kid you not. 

It appears that Pattinson, who has been photographed buying underwear from Marks & Spencer (see pics below), has piqued the interest of the British retailer’s execs, who are hoping to appeal to a younger clientele with the range of men’s low-rise underwear.

The briefs and trunks are meant to be worn under skinny jeans, and of the slim-fit collection, Richard Beale, head of merchandising of M&S, released this statement:

“Over the last three years we’ve seen an increase in the popularity of hipsters […] The new range is designed to appeal to a younger, fashion-saavy customer.”

Pattinson himself will not be fronting nor endorsing the M&S campaign, in the way that soccer stud Cristiano Ronaldo is getting paid to strip by Emporio Armani.

Nevertheless, there is no doubt that in my mind that even if the slim-fit range fails to sex-up M&S men’s underwear department, women will buy them just to see if their boyfriends and husbands can pick up a little of that pasty R-Patz allure.

Smouldering eyes and fangs not included.

Robert Pattinson seen shopping at M&S
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