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Wolford Fall-Winter 2010-11 Lingerie Collection

Austrian luxury brand Wolford has become such a dominant force in stylish high-end legwear, it’s sometimes easy to overlook their lingerie offerings.

But as these early shots from the Wolford collection for fall-winter 2010-11 show, there’s a lot to admire in the company’s lingerie lines, too.

These are classy, elegant pieces that combine classic design with some innovative lace treatments. The black pieces in the collection (especially the lace corset/brief set above) are standouts, but I predict the fuschia bodysuit (below) will be the hit of the collection.

Watch for more on fall-winter lingerie collection from Wolford as the company moves this line onto the market in the months ahead.

Wolford Fall-Winter 2010-11 Lingerie Collection
Wolford Fall-Winter 2010-11 Lingerie Collection
Wolford Fall-Winter 2010-11 Lingerie Collection
Wolford Fall-Winter 2010-11 Lingerie Collection
Wolford Fall-Winter 2010-11 Lingerie Collection
Wolford Fall-Winter 2010-11 Lingerie Collection
Wolford Fall-Winter 2010-11 Lingerie Collection
Wolford Fall-Winter 2010-11 Lingerie Collection

Shibue Strapless Panty

I first encountered the unique Shibue Couture line during a Fashion Week event in New York in February. It was cold and rainy and an icy wind was whistling through the convention center when I spotted a model, wearing little else besides Shibue’s Strapless Panty (and a halter), outside the company’s booth. I wanted to give her a shawl but, this being a lingerie show, there was none to be found.

Shibue first struck me as gimmicky and impractical. Think about it: a peel-and-stick adhesive strip that replaces briefs, thongs, g-strings, you-name-it. Was this lingerie, or yet another use for duct tape? More to the point, who would use Shibue, and why, and where?

Sigh. Sometimes I just don’t understand women.

A few months later, I’ve seen and heard more about Shibue, and am a bit less skeptical. The lingerie market has an endless list of product niches, and the strapless panty is one of them.

Shibue isn’t just for pageant beauties or runway models, though I can see where a strapless panty would be useful to them. The company says (and reasonably so) that their strapless panty is the only product that truly eliminates panty lines — the holy grail of the thong market.

Shibue founder Jenny Buettner says she first came up with the idea a few years ago while attending a wedding, and couldn’t find a solution for eliminating the dreaded VPL under her sheer bridesmaid’s gown. Eureka!

A lot of thought obviously went into product design. The Shibue silicone gel adhesive holds its place for up to 6 hours and it’s both washable and re-usable. You can peel it off for bathroom breaks and dance up a sweat without fearing it’ll fall off on the disco floor (could you imagine?!?). You don’t even have to shave or wax to wear the strapless panty, though it would seem sensible to do so!

The strapless panty is essentially a cousin to adhesive breast cover-ups, which certainly have their role to play under some dresses (and Shibue markets a line of these, too). Think of it as a pasty for down under.

Is the strapless panty “a must-have in every woman’s lingerie drawer,” as Shibue claims? Probably not; my mother, for instance, really doesn’t care about VPLs. But for certain occasions, you’ll be thankful someone thought of this. Even if it is the only piece of lingerie you own that comes with instructions (see below)!

Learn more about this unique creation at Shibue’s website.

ps. I’m still a bit confused about Shibue’s marketing efforts. Their media kit makes reference to a “disposable panty” — which sounds a bit contradictory since they also push the strapless panty’s wash-and-wear aspect. Also, note that the same company markets the same products under the Tabue brand name. Why is anyone’s guess.

Shibue Strapless Panty - Directions
Shibue Strapless Panty - Directions
Shibue Strapless Panty - Directions
Shibue Strapless Panty - Directions

Summer Fling Tangerine Bralet from Zinke Design

You know summer has arrived when a lingerie collection is filled with sorbet hues and floral patterns! The new s/s 2010 collection from Zinke Design (pronouced Zin-kee) features a young, playful and fun aesthetic that is sure to uplift your mood.

Created by sisters Arin Robinson and Jessie Zinke, the Electric Girl collection is a reflection of their style – versatile and uniquely sexy. Wanting to design pieces that could be mixed and matched, as well as encourage individual creative expression, the two sisters combined their expertise (one business, the other fashion design) to cultivate a fashion-forward label.

What I adore about the Zinke collection is not solely the feminine, pretty design, but also the simplicity of the images; featuring a youthful model with a cute high-knot bun and playful/bizarre props like an orange dumbell or tambourine.

Some of the styles that are very summer-worthy are the violet Fling Bralet and Panty (also in tangerine – see photo above), the foral Tea Party Jumper, Disco Drop-Out Bralet and Boyshort in mauve (seriously, the names are hilarious, non?) and the oh-so-sexy Daydream Chemise in amethyst.

Not only do the images bring a smile to my face, but oddly enough make me really crave a fruity popsicle or cup of sorbet. Weird … but really, they are the two things that make me the happiest in this world — laughing and food.

To find a retailer nearest you, visit zinkedesign.com.

Fuschia Dreamcatcher Robe from Zinke Design
Mauve Disco-Drop-Out Bralet & Boyshort from Zinke Design
Peach Disco-Drop-Out Bralet & Boyshort from Zinke Design
Night at the Drive-In Romper from Zinke Design
Floral Tea Party Jumper from Zinke Design
Daydream Chemise from Zinke Design

Get The Inside Scoop On SATC2 Lingerie
Posted by melanie | June 4, 2010
Samantha in Marlies Dekkers 'Tinguely' thong

I finally went and saw Sex and the City 2 and, as promised, I am here to provide you lingerie addicts with all the undergarment deets.

If you recall (this post will surely refresh your memory) we peeked into the infamous closet of Carrie Bradshaw with the hopes of finding some lingerie, but to our dismay there was none!

It couldn’t possibly mean that there was to be no lingerie in the second SATC film — what Carrie wears to bed is just as important as what she wears outside; at least we here at Lingerie Talk like to think so!

Just as I suspected, upon viewing the film I was happy to see many gorgeous lingerie styles made their own show-stopping cameos. Designers like Huit, Cosabella, Eres, Hanro and a couple favorites of mine, Lake & Stars and Carine Gilson all made a fashionable appearance.

But don’t worry if you were distracted by the gazillion wardrobe changes to notice the pretty details, because the SATC 2 companion book by Amy Sohn will give you the inside scoop on Carrie’s underpinnings.

From naughty Samantha revealing her Marlies Dekkers thong at work (it’s Samantha) to Carrie’s pretty Lake & Stars Curveball chemise as well as the bra I currently covet, Marlies Dekkers’ Ship of Dreams, you can find all these looks and more in the film catalogue book.

Pick up your copy of SATC 2: The Stories. The Fashion. The Adventure. at amazon.com to peruse all the drool-worthy images.

Sigh, a girl can dream, can’t she?

'Stella' strapless bra from Emperatriz Bridal Collection 2010

The first weekend in June is here, and for a lot of women that means wedding season is upon us. If you are about to become a June bride, you should have selected your bridal lingerie a long time ago! But for those of you planning a wedding in the future, here’s something to dream about …

Emperatriz is an established haute couture lingerie house out of Barcelona, but we don’t hear much about them over here (probably because you’ll need to order their pieces through your favorite fine lingerie boutique). Emperatriz offers a line of lingerie “essentials”, a shapewear collection, and a small assortment of glamour lingerie for that special date.

But what really sets Emperatriz apart is an exceptional and extensive collection of bridal lingerie.
There are 10 different fashion lines in Emperatriz’s 2010 bridal collection, and each in its own way fuses glamorous styling, comfort and wearability. Not to mention crazy sexy, too!

These are pieces so outrageously alluring you won’t want to put them away after your wedding night. I have a feeling Emperatriz has saved as many marriages as wedding nights!

Enjoy browsing the Emperatriz 2010 bridal collection below. Product information is available by clicking on the photos.

And remember: you don’t have to be a bride to wear Emperatriz. That gold cami in the last photo? No way I’m waiting for my wedding night to get one of those!

You can also learn more by visiting the English version of the Emperatriz website.

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