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Miranda Kerr for Victoria's Secret | Summer 2010

It must have been sheer coincidence — or just plain luck — that Victoria’s Secret added some sexy new items to its small bridal collection at the same time as its top model, Miranda Kerr, was announcing her engagement.

Whatever the backstory is, it certainly boosted interested in the new Victoria’s Secret summer collection that came out last week.

Kerr, who recently announced her betrothal to Legolas Orlando Bloom, looks like she’s having lots of fun in the new photo series, especially when modeling VS’s cheeky new bridal thongs like the one above. Or peeking out from behind a small black veil that looks like it belongs more in a fetish scene than a honeymoon.

If we can look past Miranda for a second (c’mon, at least try), the VS summer collection offers a generous range of new items, including a few unexpected surprises such as the frilled black front-zip corset and the lacey pink bra-garter ensemble.

You’ll find these pieces spread throughout the VC catalogue, though many are in the company’s Sexy Little Things® line of accessories.

As for the not-so-blushing bride Miranda, we have to wonder what she’s keeping for her trousseau. After all, following a photo shoot like this one (and all the others before it!), there won’t be many secrets left to reveal on her wedding night.

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