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Anna Chapman

No, this is not an outtake from the latest lookbook of some Parisian couture lingerie label — though it could be.

In fact, the comely chestnut-haired beauty in the lace-trimmed corset isn’t a lingerie model at all — though she could be.

This is Anna Chapman, and her Facebook profile photo could well become the mugshot of the year.

Chapman, a 28-year-old real estate professional from New York, was among 10 people across the U.S. Northeast who were arrested today and accused of being Russian spies.

Chapman, who also goes by ‘Anya’, is identified as a divorcee with a masters degree in economics and lengthy resumé including real estate companies, hedge funds and investment networks.

But that’s not what’s got people talking. The New York Post today complimented her “Victoria’s Secret body” while Forbes called her a “Bond babe-esque femme fatale.”

Chapman posted the above photo and several others on her Facebook page — proving only that she’s not shy, and possibly that she has modelling aspirations.

If so, it’s a hell of a way to get attention.

Chapman and her co-accused, who have been charged with failing to register as foreign agents, will make their next court appearance on July 27. Count on there being some cameras present.

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