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Miley Turns Up The Heat In Toronto
Posted by amy | June 21, 2010
Miley Cyrus at MMVAs 2010

Miley Cyru, Justin Bieber at MMVAs 2010

Any remaining doubts about what style direction Miley Cyrus is heading in were finally put to rest last night — and right here in Toronto, no less. It’s now official: Hannah Montana is R.I.P. and Miley is morphing into … Hilary Duff?

Well, maybe not so much, but the teen queen sure poked a finger in the eye of everyone who’s been criticizing her less-than-modest fashion choices lately.

Miley turned up in Toronto to co-host the annual MuchMusic Video Awards and turned up the heat immediately by hitting the outdoor stage in this fishnet monokini over a silver lamé bra and what appeared to be black leather boyshorts. Talk about making a statement. Take that, Rihanna: this good girl’s gone wicked!

As if her public display of lingerie wasn’t enough to set heartbeats racing, Miley was joined onstage for a frenetic version of “Party in the U.S.A.” by hometown hearthrob Justin Bieber. I swear, it’s hard to tell what’s changing faster, JBieb’s voice or Miley’s wardrobe — not that anyone seemed to mind.

Altogether, a bold, boundary-pushing moment for Miley, who accomplished the impossible feat of making other MMVA celebs like Kay Perry and The Situation seem overdressed for Toronto’s biggest street party of the year.

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