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Ah yes, the lingerie.

While Red Urban was getting ready to set the Internet on fire, Christina Remenyi and her sewer Alison Chown at Fortnight Lingerie were bracing for the tsunami of attention that would follow.

“It’s getting kind of crazy,” Remenyi told Lingerie Talk. “But we were really ready for this.”

Remenyi, 29, had studied fashion design in Toronto, London and Milan and worked in a Toronto bra-fitting boutique to learn the ropes. Along the way, she also developed an almost evangelical zeal for high-quality lingerie, and a determination to change North American buying habits.

“I’ve always loved lingerie. I love that it’s hidden. It’s kind of our secret weapon,” Remenyi says. “But if you’re wearing a $500 top, and you’re not wearing something great underneath, it doesn’t have the same impact.”

Remenyi says North American brands (and consumers) have sacrificed good fit and quality fabrics in exchange for cheap, mass-market underwear. And Fortnight hopes to change that.

“It’s really important to pay attention to the sizing and fit of your undergarments,” Remenyi says. “It can change your mood, your body image, how you look and how you feel.”

“It’s the difference between buying $20 jeans and investing in $200 jeans. People do it because it makes them feel amazing.”

Fortnight Lingerie — the name was chosen to evoke an old-world sensibility — offers six bra-panty ensembles with an attention to fit that rivals top European brands. Remenyi uses a skin-hugging powermesh fabric in some pieces and fine Quebec lace in others to create a tailored look.

More important, though, is Fortnight’s extensive, consumer-friendly size range: imagine finding a bra in a 40A or 30F in a mall for under $100! That kind of size range is almost unheard of for major lingerie labels, and Remenyi knows it’s one of the benefits of running a small business where everything is still hand-made.

Fortnight pieces are currently available in a small number of Canadian boutiques, as well as through the company website and its Etsy store.

A fall collection with some modest changes to the current lineup will be out soon, but Remenyi is mostly focused on an expanded Spring 2011 collection.

At the same time, she is looking to upgrade Fortnight’s market presence from an indie darling to something with broader reach, including the possibility of a boutique presence in a U.S. department chain. Nordstrom’s, are you listening?

“We would love to continue to work with smaller boutiques that are fit specialists, but we also want to get our message across,” she says.

But what eager video hounds really want to know is: can we expect another installment in the Super Sexy CPR series?

“We’ve been playing around with it,” says Christina Yu. “If we have a really good, great idea, then we’ll do it.”

Adds Remenyi: “I don’t think I’m supposed to talk about it yet. Why, what did Christina tell you?”

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Sophia soft cup bra and panty set | Fortnight Lingerie
Sophia soft cup bra and panty set | Fortnight Lingerie
Rita black lace underwire bra and panty set | Fortnight Lingerie
Rita black lace underwire bra and panty set | Fortnight Lingerie
Greta satin and mesh underwire bra and panty | Fortnight Lingerie
Natalie bra and panty set | Fortnight Lingerie
Vivienne bra and panty set | Fortnight Lingerie

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