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Super Sexy Abdominal Thrust from Super Sexy CPR on Vimeo.

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Six months ago, Remenyi was exhausted from the efforts of launching her startup company and unsure how to make it fly.

That’s when a mutual friend introduced her to Christina Yu, creative director of Red Urban, a new Toronto agency owned by New York advertising giant Omnigon which, ahem, puts a premium on success. Red Urban opened in January, had a single client (Volkswagen) and, like creative agencies everywhere, needed to make a name for itself.

The two Christinas quickly formed a mutual admiration society, and Red Urban offered to put together a video campaign for Fortnight Lingerie, pro bono.

“They were a startup, we were a startup. So we said, let’s start up together, let’s grow together,” Yu told Lingerie Talk.

Yu and partner Daniel Bonder came up with the concept for Super Sexy CPR, then drew upon their network of friends in the film industry for a one-day shoot in Toronto. Production budget? Over $10,000 is all she’ll say.

Super Sexy CPR was always meant to be more than just sexy, Yu says: it was also authentically educational. A CPR expert attended the video shoot to ensure Red Urban got the message right.

“It was just a way of showcasing lingerie, but we wanted it to be artsy and tasteful, too. And we wanted to make sure that if you watch it, you’ll get proper CPR training.”

Red Urban posted Super Sexy CPR on Vimeo on May 11 and the next day it had 15 views. Barely two weeks later it had been seen more than half a million times and was a certified viral smash.

“We wanted to keep it quiet, to see the numbers grow,” Yu said of the nonchalant launch. “We knew it was good … but we never would have thought it would get 2 million hits in less than 5 days. And it’s global: everyone around the world has seen this.”

Most gratifying, she says, is the response from professionals — meaning everyone besides the teenage male viewers who dig the girl-on-girl action.

“It feels really good. People are rooting for it,” Yu says. “We’ve had doctors calling, EMS workers calling. Even the armed forces have asked to use it in their training.”

But one question nags: why did Red Urban opt for the homoerotic girl-girl concept for Super Sexy CPR, instead of using a male partner?

“We actually cast for a guy and a girl,” Yu laughs. “But that would mean we would have to show one less piece of lingerie. The justification (for using two female models) was more lingerie.”

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