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Coinciding with the release of  soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo’s sexy pics for Emporio Armani comes this teaser release of Megan Fox’s most recent image for the underwear label.

Foxy Megan’s newly released fall 2010 campaign photo could not come at a better time, really — what with VS angel Rosie Huntington replacing the provocative starlet in the Transformers franchise, to issuing apologies for her word vomit in magazine interviews (she swears the outrageous comments were only to create a facade and that she’s not really like that), to just recently being proposed to (for the second time) by on-again, off-again beau Brian Austin Green while vacationing in Hawaii … only to have the lost the ring on the beach!

I think we can all agree that it’s been a little rough for the controversial thesp as of late, but things do seem to be looking up!

Ring or no ring, it has been confirmed that Fox can add fiancée to her resumé and she does have a summer blockbuster coming out later this month called Jonah Hex. The period piece features Megan (below) playing a prostitute named Lilah, a role that required her to wear antique corsets which slimmed  her waist down to an unbelievable teensy-weeny, 18 inches!

The most recent photo shows Megan Fox with tousled hair and a relaxed expression, in what appears to be a more ‘raw’ portrait of the beauty than her previous spring/summer campaign images — albeit, no less enticing.

Sigh, looks like we’ll have to suffice with the steamy pic until more are released in September!

Megan Fox in Jonah Hex

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