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Unorganized lingerie drawer

I am ashamed to admit it, but I am one of those women who frequently stores her lingerie haphazardly in the ‘underwear drawer’ — regardless of how expensive or delicate my undergarments may be. I know it’s terrible and lazy, but I just get tired of re-organizing every few days.

Last weekend, I was totally called out on this while visiting a lingerie boutique. The lingerie consultant was horrified by my storage habits.

It was time for an intervention. I needed, and will share with you, the 101 on how to properly store and care for your delicates.

The first part of a two-part article will focus on organizing and maintaining a lingerie drawer. To do so, the consultant advised removing all lingerie from its existing storage and organizing it according to use or function. This could include separating them into different categories such as day, night, sport or by color — which can speed up your morning routine of getting dressed.

If you have ample space, designate a drawer to everyday lingerie and another for ‘special’ lingerie. Look for organizational drawer inserts to create a more functional and tidy space, and to ensure you don’t end up with overstuffed drawers.

Lingerie Dividers

If you’re limited on space, you can easily purchase an inexpensive free-standing drawer unit which can be solely reserved for lingerie storage, and be tucked away inside a closet. The storage system consists of ample drawers which can hold undies, socks, everyday bras and ‘show’ pieces.

Organized lingerie drawers

Now that you have figured out your organizational plan, it’s now on to how to actually store your undergarments. While lace or soft-cup bras can be folded, it is highly recommended that molded cups be laid flat and gently stacked so that they don’t develop crease marks. And remember to fasten all hook closures to prevent snags or tears.

Flat-stored bras

Whew! I feel like once I get into the routine of this, organizingĀ  my lingerie will become like second nature to me. Now if I can only get cracking on my closet…

3 Responses to “Organize Your Undies: How To Create A Tidy Lingerie Drawer”

  1. Diane says:

    Instead of throwing your old bras and panties away please send them to me. I take the ones that aren’t too badly damaged or stained and wash them up and even repair them if they are repairable, then box them up and send them to women who don’t have the luxury of having much underwear. By doing this, you get to clean out your lingerie drawer and help those in need. If you’re interested in this send me an email at

  2. James says:

    hi, im in the process of designing a lingerie chest, with drawers with sections in, for bras was thinking a drawer with 4 sections so they can be arranged folded in half, standing up, for knickers 6 sections? but how best to arrange them? eg folded or rolled up or laid flat?
    also looking for size a 34h bra will fit into when folded.

  3. Pat says:

    Have you seen Bra-tique! Go to and search, bratique. A great way to hang bras quickly and easily for the best care. No folding or stuffing them into drawers. And there are even pockets on the Bra-tique for your panties!

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