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Triumph UK Inspiration Awards: These Kids Are Alright!
Posted by richard | June 16, 2010
Triumph Inspiration Awards UK - 3rd Place

Mega-brand Triumph Lingerie is onto a good thing with its international student lingerie design awards.

Known as the TIAs, the Triumph Inspiration Awards are held in numerous countries around the world before a gala finals event brings all the national winners together in London in September.

Yesterday, one of the most anticipated national finals was held to choose the UK representative for this year’s TIAs. Altogether, 20 design students presented lingerie showpieces based on this year’s TIA theme, “Shape Sensation.”

The winner, whose work is shown in the first photo below, was Isabella Newell for her fanciful group of coordinates called Circus Freaks.

Second place went to Aisling Farrell for the adorable Jane Jetson-like set titled Sacred Geometry.

Third place went to Kate Burreddu for the pod-like ensemble pictured above, which drew its inspiration from close examination of poppy shells, moth cocoons and other designs from nature.

The TIAs are meant to do what the name says — inspire young design students to express themselves creatively and, ultimately, help push lingerie design forward.

And there’s a lot at stake. The winner of the grand final in London receives 15,000 cash, a job offer from Triumph and — best of all — the chance to see their winning showpiece turned into a commercial garment and sold in Triumph stores worldwide.

Triumph Inspiration Awards UK - Ist Place

Triumph Inspiration Awards UK - 2nd Place
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