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Diesel Stupid

Ah, the things some companies will do for a little brand recognition!

Here are the lingerie-themed images from Diesel‘s new “Be Stupid” campaign, which is guaranteed to be among the most talked-about — and most viewed — marketing pushes in many a year.

The campaign is occasionally hilarious and all-too-intentionally controversial, but mostly it makes you wonder: who comes up with this stuff?

The tongue-in-cheeks message — willful stupidity is preferable to rational thinking — is probably going to set back the Stay-In-School campaign a few years and get Diesel pasted on a few right-wing talk shows. Cleverly, it’s also a backhanded acknowledgement that Diesel’s target demographic isn’t, ahem, exactly Ivy League if-you-know-what-I-mean.

Anyway, if you’re one of those mall stalkers who buy clothes for conversation starters, you’ll get a huge kick out Diesel’s latest efforts, and plenty to talk about as well.

Check out the full line of pics, videos, slogans and assorted tie-ins over at And buy some clothes while you’re there; somebody has to pay for all this!

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