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Miley Cyrus Bares All – Sort Of
Posted by amy | June 1, 2010
Miley Cyrus in Bodysuit

Well, it had to happen sooner or later. First Britney, the Hilary, now Miley.

Yup, teen queen Miley Cyrus took her I’m-a-woman-now rebellion public on the weekend, performing in Portugal while wearing this bold olive green satin bodysuit. Girl’s gonna break her daddy’s achey-breaky heart, I swear.

Of course, Miley has been pushing the boundaries for a couple of years now and it only seemed a matter of time before she made the leap from super-cute teen idol to overexposed young hottie. Back in 2008, at a tender 15, she posed in some questionable NSFW photos for Annie Leibovitz, raising eyebrows from the fans and earning a tongue-lashing from Billy Ray and Disney.

Still, other than the fact she’s still only 17, there’s no problem here that we can see. Miley looks great in this outfit, which really isn’t all that revealing. Besides, if Cher can do it at her age, why not someone at the other end of the paleontological spectrum?

Who knows? Maybe Miley is planning to give Gaga or Rihanna or Beyonce a run for their money as an icon of underwear-outerwear? Now, that‘s going to be a Climb.

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