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This FIFA World Cup has shaped up to be quite interesting and controversial — and no, I am not referring to the poor calls of FIFA officials or the somewhat debatable red cards. I’m talking about the women behind the white lines who are making the headlines.

First there was the absurd accusation from the Spanish media blaming the beautiful reporter/girlfriend of Spanish goaltender Iker Casillas for distracting her beau and ultimately contributing to Spain’s heartbreaking loss to Switzerland. Right. I am sure it was hard enough for Sara Carbonero to watch her boyfriend’s team get defeated, let alone having to professionally interview him about it afterwards.

And now there is a different woman making headlines, but this time for much different reasons. Paraguayan lingerie model Larissa Riquelme (above) has publicly stated that if Paraguay wins the World Cup she will run through the streets of her home country naked — well, body-painted in the colors of her country, of course. The 24-year-old model and her, um, assets have come out to support her home team and she has definitely made quite an impact.

Riquelme’s titillating pledge comes after the original promise by Paraguayan coach Gerardo Martino (right) that if his team wins the Cup he will streak nude through the city streets.

And seeing that Paraguay has advanced to the quarterfinals, it seems as though the whole nation has something to look forward to.

Of course, this solves a huge dilemma that many people faced yesterday: now that Ronaldo‘s gone, who’s left to cheer for?

Stella McCartney

Yes, today I am supposed to feel wiser and more mature for another year has come and gone and today marks the beginning of a new one — my birthday!

To be honest, I sometimes still feel like my gawky, awkward 16-year-old former self, but one thing that does seem to evolve as I blow out the candles year after year is my personal fashion style.

Okay, so I still look back on my wardrobe choices and gasp, “What was I thinking?!” every now and then. But I am beginning to feel more at ease in my skin and know what works and flatters my body.

So what if the Alex Wang-inspired sweat-short trend didn’t work on me this season (thank you, Kristin, for your brutal honesty)? I know I can still look stylish and current without draping myself in trends.

The same theory applies to lingerie; I prefer cheeky briefs to thongs and soft-cup bras to va-va-voom push-ups. Because I know what flatters my figure best, I feel more confident and thus come across as sexier. Well, I like to think so anyway.

So in honor of my birthday I’ve compiled a wish list of the prettiest pieces I would like to acquire (ahem, take note boyfriend).

Funny enough, after reading my daily horoscope (a must-do, especially on your birthday) I learned that Cancer’s colors are silver, smoky gray, blues and whites. Considering my lingerie selections, perhaps there is some truth to astrological profiles and predictions. Hmm, we’ll see if Jupiter does in fact bestow me with prosperity this year.

Oh, and BF, if you’re reading this: I’ll always willingly accept something from Lake and Stars or AP…just saying.

Now, without further ado, Lingerie Talk‘s Make Melanie Happy birthday shopping guide for every budget:

Item: Lazuli lace bralette and tap shorts
Price: Half-a-day’s wages (all prices in CDN $)
Where: Anthropologie.com

Only Hearts

Item: ‘Nadia’ deco-inspired silk bralette and tap shorts
Price: If you have to ask, you can’t afford it
Where: Anthropologie.com

Layla L'Obatti

Item: Lace cup balcony bra and high-waisted Shortie
Price: MUCH cheaper than a ring
Where: FleurofEngland.com

Item: Silk and lace backless kimono
Price: A BIT cheaper than a ring
Where: FleurofEngland.com

Item: Happy Birthday Brief
Price: C’mon, it’s just a pair of underwear!
Where: Net-a-Porter

Taylor Momsen: Gossip Girl Gone Gaga?
Posted by melanie | June 30, 2010

Well, Holy Toledo! Little Jenny Humphrey from Gossip Girl ain’t so little anymore — and I’m not talking about her boot size.

Recently photos have surfaced of Taylor Momsen touring with her band The Pretty Reckless in somewhat (okay, completely) wacky outfits and I feel as though Momsen needs a refresher about public displays of underwear.

Although Momsen now considers herself a ‘mature’ actress, evidently likes to smoke cigarettes and sing about teen angst (we get it: you look more affected with raccoon-eye makeup). And she is only SIXTEEN!

In these shocking photos Momsen appears onstage looking as if she’s just rolled out of bed in her undergarments. Somewhere her youth is crying.

Did she forget to put clothes on in the morning? Does she have an aversion to pants? Perhaps she thinks it makes her appear more like an afflicted, melancholic musician &#224 la Courtney Love? Or maybe she’s just gone Gaga?

Obviously I don’t have any plausible explanation for her wardrobe choices (or, rather, the lack thereof), but what I do know is this: the lingerie-as-outerwear trend this season was merely a suggestion, not a requirement; and secondly, YOU’RE 16! Even can’t-be-tamed Miley Cyrus waited a bit longer before stripping down!

Oh, and don’t even get me started on TM’s lucite platform piggy-bank heels (right) that belong in a strip joint and not on an adolescent girl performing in front of an audience … in lingerie!

Look, I get that performers often wear outlandish and often times provocative costumes onstage, but when you’re not even of legal age…really?!

Little J (yes, Momsen, you), while I appreciate the consistent effort you put into achieving the seedy stripper-cum-afflicted-musician persona, perhaps you could lighten up just a little? You know, maybe try and view the world as half-full? After all you’re only SIX— well, you get the point…

Miranda Kerr for Victoria's Secret | Summer 2010

It must have been sheer coincidence — or just plain luck — that Victoria’s Secret added some sexy new items to its small bridal collection at the same time as its top model, Miranda Kerr, was announcing her engagement.

Whatever the backstory is, it certainly boosted interested in the new Victoria’s Secret summer collection that came out last week.

Kerr, who recently announced her betrothal to Legolas Orlando Bloom, looks like she’s having lots of fun in the new photo series, especially when modeling VS’s cheeky new bridal thongs like the one above. Or peeking out from behind a small black veil that looks like it belongs more in a fetish scene than a honeymoon.

If we can look past Miranda for a second (c’mon, at least try), the VS summer collection offers a generous range of new items, including a few unexpected surprises such as the frilled black front-zip corset and the lacey pink bra-garter ensemble.

You’ll find these pieces spread throughout the VC catalogue, though many are in the company’s Sexy Little Things® line of accessories.

As for the not-so-blushing bride Miranda, we have to wonder what she’s keeping for her trousseau. After all, following a photo shoot like this one (and all the others before it!), there won’t be many secrets left to reveal on her wedding night.

Anna Chapman

No, this is not an outtake from the latest lookbook of some Parisian couture lingerie label — though it could be.

In fact, the comely chestnut-haired beauty in the lace-trimmed corset isn’t a lingerie model at all — though she could be.

This is Anna Chapman, and her Facebook profile photo could well become the mugshot of the year.

Chapman, a 28-year-old real estate professional from New York, was among 10 people across the U.S. Northeast who were arrested today and accused of being Russian spies.

Chapman, who also goes by ‘Anya’, is identified as a divorcee with a masters degree in economics and lengthy resumé including real estate companies, hedge funds and investment networks.

But that’s not what’s got people talking. The New York Post today complimented her “Victoria’s Secret body” while Forbes called her a “Bond babe-esque femme fatale.”

Chapman posted the above photo and several others on her Facebook page — proving only that she’s not shy, and possibly that she has modelling aspirations.

If so, it’s a hell of a way to get attention.

Chapman and her co-accused, who have been charged with failing to register as foreign agents, will make their next court appearance on July 27. Count on there being some cameras present.

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