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Store Your Purse In Your Bra With The Cleavage Caddy!
Posted by melanie | May 27, 2010
Cleavage Caddy_1

First there was the Backtacular gluteal cleft patch, and now the Cleavage Caddy. For once, words almost escape me — almost.

Yes ladies, forgo your handbags, clutches and satchels for you can proudly wear the contents of your purse in your chest!…

Gemma Arterton: From Persia With Love
Posted by amy | May 26, 2010
Gemma Arterton

Better get used to Gemma Arterton, because you’re going to be seeing a lot of her. If 2010 has a face — and a figure — this is it.

The UK beauty is everywhere these days, and this weekend she’ll try to out-muscle SATC2

While Londoners will be flocking to the theatres this week to see the fabulous foursome light-up the cinematic screen in SATC2, unsuspecting movie-goers will also be in for quite the visual treat courtesy of Triumph lingerie.

What has the SATC franchise been without …

Plus-Size Models Good Enough For MC
Posted by richard | May 26, 2010
Laura Catterall - Marie Claire

Now there’s an image you won’t find in a lot of lingerie fashion shoots over here.

The French edition of Marie Claire produced an eye-popping editorial spread in its June issue that features plus-sized models in some new lingerie and swimwear pieces.

UK models Hayley …

Summer Solution: NuBra Is A Real Sunburn Beater
Posted by melanie | May 25, 2010
NuBra Silicone U-Shape
NuBra Seamless Push Up

I had the great idea yesterday to sit outside and get some much-needed sun, as it was just far too beautiful to stay indoors.

Sunscreen? No, I wanted to get fast results and maximize my time in the sun!

Well, four hours and three …

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