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‘Cougars’ Looking For Lingerie Upgrade?
Posted by richard | May 3, 2010
Kim Cattrall

What’s the fastest-growing market for fashion lingerie? Teen club girls? Gaga wannabes? Guess again.

According to a report published in UK’s Daily Mail, women in their 40s and 50s are turning more and more to risqué lingerie pieces that are typically associated with women half …

Structured one-piece swimsuit by Spanx

Beach season is fast approaching…which signals the return of the battle of the bulge. Yes, I’m sure you can all relate to the often-dreaded swimsuit shopping experience: you know, fluorescent lighting, unsightly dimples and deflated egos.

Count on shapewear veteran Spanx to come to the …

‘The Nakeds’: Victoria’s Secret Steamy New Ad
Posted by melanie | May 3, 2010

Check out the sexy, steamy ad from Victoria’s Secret new line of ‘barely there’ lingerie aptly named Nakeds.

Seeing as the hot, sticky summer months often induce sweat and discomfort while wearing lingerie, I have a feeling that I (and most women, surely) will …

The Little Bra Company

My girlfriend recently lamented about her small chest and perpetual frustrations with bra shopping. And she is not alone; including creator of the Little Bra Company, Emily Lau.

Small-busted, Lau felt dissatisfied with the styles offered at department stores and in lingerie catalogs. The …

Marisa Lingerie’s Sneaky Peek
Posted by richard | May 1, 2010

We love a clever ad creative as much as anyone!

Check out this recent video entry from the Portuguese lingerie retailer Marisa Lingerie. It’s a saucy way to let shoppers know about a new store opening. The piece is called Tapume, or “Siding.”…

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