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While Londoners will be flocking to the theatres this week to see the fabulous foursome light-up the cinematic screen in SATC2, unsuspecting movie-goers will also be in for quite the visual treat courtesy of Triumph lingerie.

What has the SATC franchise been without branding? If you recall the first film, it was like a 2&#189-hour advert filled with label-dropping and product placements — heck, those royal blue crystal-encrusted Manolos are still being sold today! It’s not surprising, then, that SATC2 is to employ similar marketing tactics (if it ain’t broke, why fix it?), not only in the film but in advertisements prior to the film.

Using the movie to engage with a ‘highly receptive, affluent female audience,” brands like Cadbury, Kellogg’s and Reebok have invested in advertising time to coincide with the release of the highly anticipated movie, while UK-based Triumph has a more unique approach to promoting their brand.

During the opening night of SATC2, Triumph will air a 60-second advert before the show and feature live models taking off their clothes to reveal Triumph bras, re-creating the ad as it appears onstage.

Partnering with Digital Cinema Media, the live advertisement will take place in five DCM screens across the country.

Of the interactive advert, marketing communications manager at Triumph, Purminder Mondair, said: “The Sex and the City 2 opening night is an occasion in many women’s diaries. DCM worked with us to deliver a novel brand experience for this amazing female audience and their fun night out.”

While it’s fitting that one of the largest lingerie companies is partnering with what is probably going to be the highest-grossing blockbuster, I can’t help but wonder what brands will think of next if there is a third installement!

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