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Scarlett Johannson

Never thought I’d say this, but I may be getting Marilyn fatigue.

Seriously, is there a creative director, fotog, model, actress or porn star out there who hasn’t tried to channel Marilyn Monroe in order to flog their latest product? And the problem with all these faux Marilyns is that, as everyone knows, it’s hard to improve on perfection.

Latest case in point was the launch last week of Paris Hilton’s new perfume line, Tease. This is Paris’ 10th perfume and judging by the color scheme it must be grape-flavored or something. Poor girl must be running out of marketing ideas.

Solution? Get out last year’s Marilyn Monroe Halloween costume and voila! An icon is born (well, recycled actually).

I just wish Paris would try a bit harder. Her 2010 perfume campaign is a carbon copy of the 2009 D&G cosmetics shoot in which Scarlett Johannson did her best Marilyn impersonation.

If you look closely, I swear they are even wearing the same corset!

Paris won’t like being accused of wearing ScarJo’s hand-me-downs, but this was a lazy effort and poorly conceived. ScarJo-as-Marilyn actually works, but try to package Paris Hilton’s long, lean, angular looks into the same mould doesn’t. Whether it will help her sell some of that grape soda is another question.

Anyway, Paris, if you’re done with the corset, can you FedEx it over to Lindsay’s place? She needs some help these days.

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