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Rumor Alert: English Rosie To Star In Transformers 3?
Posted by melanie | May 23, 2010
Rosie Huntington

Ever since it was announced that Megan Fox would not be returning for the third installement of the Transformers franchise, rumors have been swirling that a lingerie model could take her place.

Fox, who clearly drew large audiences for her, ahem, impeccable acting skills, has decided not to return to the highly anticipated robot blockbuster — well, that’s what her agent says anyway. The sexy starlet is also known for her uncensored word vomit, which some speculate is the reason why she was let go; comparing your boss (director Michael Bay) to Hitler may not get you featured in the next film. Just saying.

So, just who is rumored to grace the cinematic screen? Both VS Angels Miranda Kerr and Rosie Huntington, as well as Israeli beauty Bar Rafaeli. But it’s English rose Rosie Huntington (above) who takes the lead rumor-wise, as to who will most likely appear in Transformers 3 (I’m sure this poll/preference is largely made up of the male population).

With no acting experience under her belt, the casting decision to have Huntington star as Shia LaBeouf’s love interest will either make or break her career &#224 la Megan Fox. Who knows? Huntington may just surprise us.

What I can project, definitively, is that Huntington will surely attract movie-goers eager to assess her acting skills screen presence.

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