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Kate Moss Delivers Again For Topshop
Posted by amy | May 20, 2010

Notice a rumbling sound coming from the east when you woke up this morning?

That was the sound of shoppers stampeding toward Topshop stores in the UK to grab the latest offerings from the retailer’s hugely popular Kate Moss collection which debuts today.

Over here, you can avoid the thundering herd and shop online, or visit Topshop’s NYC outlet. But do yourself a favor and use the web for the best chance to get your favorite pieces in your size.

The new Kate Moss line includes a smallish lingerie and nightwear collection of sweet, understated pieces — plus a couple of killer must-haves and even one or two what-was-she-thinkings. Click on the photos below for product descriptions.

Lace and silk bed shorts - Kate Moss

There are four bra-panty combinations in the Kate Moss collection this time and, as in the past, it would really help if you had KM’s figure for these to show properly. Regardless, the rose-colored lace and mesh coordinates are a definite winner. Bras are in the $40-50 range and panties are $24-32.

The must-haves? Check out the lace and silk bed shorts ($60) with beautiful lace trim and chiffon overlay (above right). There’s a nice matching cami for $65, but probably the best piece in the collection is the silk vintage-inspired playsuit with lace back — playtime can’t come soon enough!

The one misfire? An oriental-themed kimono and companion slip, which seem like they were airlifted in from someone else’s collection.

This is model-designer’s 12th exclusive collection for Topshop, and a bountiful partnership it has been for everyone, shoppers included. Act fast!

Beaded frill bra and panty - Kate Moss
Rose lace-mesh bra and panty - Kate Moss
Silk lace-back playsuit - Kate Moss
Printed slip = Kate Moss
Velvet and cotton bra and panty - Kate Moss
Floral balconette bra and panty - Kate Moss

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