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Message To Mango: Where’s Your Underwear?
Posted by amy | May 15, 2010

I’ve got a request for Mango – the Spanish fashion chain, not the SNL character or the other fruit.

Would it be asking too much for you come up with a decent lingerie line? You know, put aside your plans for global domination for just a second and focus on the one big gaping hole in your catalogue?

For those of you who don’t wear clothes, Mango is everywhere these days. At last count they had over 1,000 stores in 100 countries on 4 planets, or something like that.

Mango is not exactly haute couture, but it’s a strong brand with a large, colorful collection of breezy casualwear coordinates aimed at young-ish urbanites.

But try to find even the most basic intimates – you know, a bra, some briefs, maybe some tights? – at Mango and you’re out of luck. Maybe they blew the bankroll on all those new stores – or on Scarlett?

Kvetching aside, if you dig deep enough, there are a few gems in what Mango calls its lingerie line. Strangely, for a chain that seems to have turned its back on the underwear market, Mango offers a charming collection of light, cool cotton pieces that are perfect for sleeping or just lounging around on warm summer nights.

Check out the images below – it’s pretty much the entire Mango line (or “MNG by Mango” in the US.) Product info is at the bottom, and you can shop online at

These are lovely pieces; the lace-trimmed Apple ensemble (featured in the catwalk photo above) almost makes you wish for a hot steamy night! So let’s hope Mango puts its considerable talent to work on a full lingerie line ASAP – after all, they sell just about every other fashion item you can name!

By the way, watch for the MNG by Mango brand to expand massively in the US this fall, with feature space in JC Penney stores. Maybe we’ll see some intimates in the A/W collection?

Top Row (L-R): Pear top, $34.90; One-piece Kiwi tank with string-tie shorts, $44.90; One-piece Apple suit, $49.90.

Middle Row (L-R): Rose shorts, $19.90; Apple cami/top, $34.90; Apple shorts, $24.90.

Bottom Row (L-R): Flores pant leggings, $34.90; Apricot pant leggings, $34.90, One-piece Coal tank w/ leggings, $49.90.

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