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Miss USA Lingerie Photos: Too Hot Or Not?
Posted by melanie | May 11, 2010
Miss USA_Miss Wyoming

Miss USA_Miss California

Oh, the world of beauty pageants. Underneath all those pleas for world peace are contestants entangled in scandalous allegations (just check out Time’s Top-10 Beauty Pageant Scandals), and this year’s bunch are already attracting their share of glare.

The Miss USA pageant, which takes place in Las Vegas, has already generated significant buzz due to risqué lingerie photos of the contestants that were released by pageant officials. (That’s Miss Wyoming in the top photo, and Miss California underneath).

You might ask how lingerie photos could be deemed risqué, seeing as how the women parade around in skimpy bikinis for the swimwear category, yet public opinion seems to conclude that these ‘glamor’ shots are far too racy.

Miss USA officials have received angry phone calls since they posted the sultry photos, which feature all 51 contestants from Miss Alabama to Miss Wyoming.

The contestants, women mostly in their mid-20s, provocatively pose in various states of undress and gaze intently into the photo lens.

Miss California seductively poses in a lace push-up bra with thigh-high fishnet stockings, while not-so-demure Miss Wyoming lounges coyly on a bed in what resembles a ‘glamor model’ shot.

In a statement released by Miss USA, officials claimed the photos were ‘tasteful’, and that “you can have brains and be smart and still be sexy”. Yes, you can be both smart and attractive, but there is a fine line between sexy and tawdry.

What do you think? Is Miss USA veering too far away from the wholesome, All-American tradition?

One thing that I can conclude, is that the photos have been a great marketing tool. You know you’ll be tuning in on May 16 at 7 pm on NBC.

Oh, and if you’re curious as to what your state model is wearing,visit

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