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You’re probably not going to need any help spicing up your wedding night, right? Still, it doesn’t hurt to add a little sizzle to what should be the sexiest and most memorable time of your life.

That’s the thinking of Coquette International, which just launched its 2010 bridal lingerie collection – with a pledge to turn any wedding night into a five-alarm affair!

The Coquette line includes a variety of zesty pieces, from silky corsets to g-strings and thongs, and the lovely sheer figure-hugging cover-up (right) – sort of a second bridal gown for the nuptials!

Coquette – the French word for a flirty girl – isn’t the most familiar name in fine lingerie, and there’s a good reason for that.

Gown and G-String by Coquette

The Canadian wholesaler made its name producing erotic lingerie for adult novelties stores like Stag Shop – you know the kind of place I’m talking about. But tastes have evolved since then, and “erotica” stores are no longer on the fringe, they’re in most shopping malls across North America.

As erotic indulgence became more mainstream, Coquette’s product collection grew to the point where it now boasts a huge collection of high-quality lingerie pieces, costumes and accessories, most of it on the racy side. Garters, bustiers, see-through fabrics, and lots of fine European detailing.

So it makes sense that a company with the motto “Flirt With Style” should take its wink-wink sensibility into the bridal lingerie market.

“Everyone envisions their wedding night differently and we are very excited about our new bridal collection. We want brides to feel as sexy as they look,” says Elaine Carson, senior designer at Coquette.

The Coquette bridal collection also offers a variety of accessories including our favorite – a musical leg garter that plays the Wedding March. Hard to imagine no one thought of that before.

The only problem with the Coquette bridal collection might be finding it. The company’s products are available primarily through adult-themed retail stores such as Ambiance or Bliss Ave, but you can also find them through similarly-themed web merchants like or and through the Coquette website itself. The site even provides a list of retail stores that carry the Coquette line, but check with your favorite lingerie shop in case they carry a Coquette catalogue.

A few more pieces in the Coquette bridal collection are below.

From Coquette’s new bridal lingerie collection: (Top) Lycra/stretch lace padded bustier with removable straps and garter; (Right) Stretch lace open-front gown with matching G-string; (Below) Lace demi-cup bra with bow and matching mesh panty; and satin padded underwired bustier.


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