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Ultimo Scores With Claudine Keane
Posted by richard | May 5, 2010

If you live in UK, the following bit on information will surely set hearts aflutter and tonques wagging, among other things. But if, like me, you live on this side of the pond, you might just scratch your head.

Ultimo Lingerie, the UK flagship label of the MJM International fashion empire, announced this week that Claudine Keane has been signed to model the Adore Moi luxury lingerie brand created a few years ago by Ultimo for the Debenhams department store chain.

The Adore Moi collection has a real French boudoir feel – plenty of lace, embroidery and guipere stitching we often associate with bridal lingerie. And a fair bit of oomph in the push-up department, too.

This is huge news in Britain, not because the Ultimo collection is anything revolutionary, but because it give the lads endless opportunity to ogle the assets of Ms Keane, a 27-year-old Irish TV personality and model. More importantly, she’s the wife of one Robbie Keane, a celebrated footballer in a land that idolizes both such creatures – models AND footballers.

Keane’s photos were all over the UK tabloids today, as she assumes her rightful place in a celebrated line of WAGs (football players’ wives and girlfriends) that includes such names as Charlotte Church, Victoria Beckham and most of the other Spice Jars.

Altogether, a great boost for Ultimo, and another eureka moment for Ultimo’s creator and marketing genius Michelle Mone. Just last month Mone and Ultimo simply crushed the headlines by signing Kelly Brook as the brand’s principal face and body – setting off another frenzy of press and poster sales to college lads.

As for those of us across the pond, we’re left with yet another case of Anglo-envy since we don’t subject our athletes’ wives to such leering overexposure. Right, Elin?

By the way, Ultimo’s collections can be found in better fine lingerie shops in the U.S., but call ahead to see if your favorite piece is in stock.


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