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Karl Lagerfeld Plays Dress-Up With An Eres Paper Doll
Posted by melanie | April 29, 2010
Emily Didonato for Eres lingerie

If one were to ask me to name a fashion designer icon, I would definitely have to say, hands down, Karl Lagerfeld – he is the God of fashion.

Now, imagine mythic designer, Lagerfeld, and place him behind the camera. The result? A visionary campaign shot for Eres’ lingerie and swimwear 2010 collection.

That’s right, French sister brand to Chanel, Eres has asked Lagerfeld to shoot a series of photographs with model-darling Emily Didonato, who by-the-way is the IT newcomer. Of course, with a campaign shot by Lagerfeld, one must expect an ingenious and imaginative creation, n’est-ce pas?

Surely, Karl Lagerfeld’s campaign for Eres will not dissappoint! In fact, it features the fresh, doe-eyed Didonato styled as a paper-doll and dressed in Chanel creations … but that’s not all. Users visiting the Eres website will be able to undress Didonato down to her Eres’ foundation garments with the click of a mouse! Yep, the cheeky campaign allows visitors to view the 2010 lingerie and swimwear designs, in a more, shall we say, interactive way.

The photo series will launch mid-May at To stimulate your excitement even more, check out the images of coquettish Emily Didonato as a Chanel/Eres-clad, retro paper doll.

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