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Cosabella Partners With Sex And The City
Posted by melanie | April 12, 2010
Sex And The City2

I am not normally a sucker for promotional products, but after seeing Cosabella‘s cute, Sex and the City inspired thongs, I can’t resist! Besides, what SATC fan is not counting down the days until the release on May 28th? Admit it!

Okay, so the first movie was filled with over-the-top, ‘this-would-never-occur-in-real-life’ scenes – Carrie Bradshaw, I am still baffled as to how you, as a writer, affords your lifestyle?! But, isn’t that the point of SATC? A delicious, visual feast of fashion, glamor, NYC and sex … remember Dante? Thought so.

Anyway, for the sequel, Cosabella has teamed up with SATC2 to release racy, lace undies to promote the film. The ‘Never Say Never‘ panty set is limited edition and features four colors attributed to the characters’ personas, style and sense of fashion. The set comes in either the ‘Cutie’ low-rise or the ‘Bootie’ relaxed fit. The undies are ‘one size fits most’ and designed from Cosabella’s fine Italian crafted and seamless stretch lace.

The four colors attributed to the fashionable women are: lipstick pink for the carefree and fabulous Carrie, black for scintillating and successful Samantha, Barbados blue for confident and cosmopolitan Miranda and sexy cyclamine for feminine and sophisticated Charlotte.

Too cute to resist, not to mention Cosabella’s undies are super comfy, the set makes a great gift for your uber-fashionable friend and SATC fanatic. Question is, how many of you think that at the premiere of SATC2, women will be wearing the undies in their favorite character’s color?

The set retails for $69 and will be available online at in April.

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  1. Nora Thompson says:

    Oh can’t wait for the movie! Totally going to invest in this box of cute undies, I think they’ll make the perfect wedding shower gift for my girlfriend! thanks mel!

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