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The Natural By Coconut Grove Intimates
Posted by nicole | March 30, 2010
The Natural Adhesive Lite Bra

Adhesive Lite Bra

The Natural Sexy Plunge Bra

Sexy Plunge

We’ve all fallen in love with that perfect dress or shirt – and then discovered that our bra just won’t work under it. What’s a gal to do? Turn to Coconut Grove Intimates, that’s what!

Coconut Grove Intimates has a number of innovative solutions for your bra dilemmas. Their original offering – The Natural Solutions Bra – is an astonishing little bra that comes with a number of cute innovations, including a clear, plastic strip between cups and straps that can be worn in a number of interesting ways.

You can even construct a one-strap look for those fashions that expose one shoulder.

However, fashions are always moving forward, and Coconut Grove Intimates is working to keep up! One of their new innovations is their move into plus sizes for their Sexy Plunge bra. Hey – just because a gal isn’t a size zero doesn’t mean that she can’t wear a plunge neckline! This interesting bra includes a variety of strap positions and comes in both black and nude, in sizes from 36B to 44DD.

Coconut Grove Intimates also does adhesive bras for those times when no strap will work. Their latest offering here is the Adhesive Lite bra, which can be worn both strapless and backless. However, it does come with clear halter straps for extra lift if needed.

2 Responses to “The Natural By Coconut Grove Intimates”

  1. stephanie sumrall says:

    I’m a concerned customer. I happen to wear a size 40DDD bra and have noticed Coconut Grove doesn’t cater to this size. I would like to be able to buy my size in a sheer and clear back style. Also, in clear back convertible styles as well. Can you provide me with information with those merchants who cater to this style. Thank You

    • nicole says:

      If you wear a size that is difficult to find, your best bet is always to search by size! Find your favorite online lingerie retailer and do a search by size and you might just turn up something that really works for you! Having said that, 40DDD is a tough size for any bra which is trying to support your breasts without a full band. If you’d like to be fashionable and reveal more of your back, how about a bustier instead? I found a lovely one by Elomi called Smoothing Convertible Bustier. This might just soothe your fashion sense plus give you a lovely piece of lingerie. In addition, this bustier could easily let you pick up on the lingerie as outerwear trend that has been so hot for Spring / Summer 2010.

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