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Squeem: Can Shapewear Make You Skinny?
Posted by nicole | March 18, 2010
Squeem Body Shaper
Squeem High Back Wastcincher

Squeem claims that their shapewear garments can actually make you smaller. And they don’t mean just when you wear them, but when you take them off too!

Squeem isn’t making ordinary, everyday shapewear. Squeem makes garments that use some serious compression to enhance what you’ve got and get it into shape instantly. They even say they can correct your posture. As a result, you can’t expect these garments to be made for comfort: most of the items in the Squeem line include boning and latex to ensure that once you are in there, nothing moves!

It’s not just for the ladies either: Squeem makes waist cinchers and other compression items for men. (I guess us women aren’t the only ones who want our jiggly bits to stay in place.)

The interesting part of these garments is that they also claim to enhance weight loss. The idea is that the latex used in the Squeem shapewear will promote micromassage while you wear it, which is supposed to help reduce your measurements. In addition, Squeem claims that their shapewear will move fat using both compression and perspiration (generated – without a doubt – by the latex layer).

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