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The Best Lingerie of 2010: Things That Made Us Go ‘Wow!’
Posted by LT Staff | December 30, 2010

How to sum up the lingerie world in 2010? In a word, whew.

It was a year in which glam styles and goth looks, bold prints and subtle hues, sharp lines and gushing romanticism and a resurgence in vintage styling all competed for the lingerie buyer’s attention. So “wow” moments weren’t hard to find.

We’ve narrowed down our best-of list to 20 pieces that …

The Year’s Best Lingerie Videos
Posted by richard | December 23, 2010

Part of the fun of working in this industry is looking at all the ridiculously creative marketing campaigns used to sell lingerie.

Video in particular has become the lingerie marketer’s best friend; like the product itself, film exerts its power through suggestion and association to excite the viewer’s imagination. Talk about a match made in heaven. And, as Lane Bryant or Fortnight Lingerie learned this …

In this business we tend to get preoccupied with frilly underthings, sometimes forgetting that lingerie fashion can be more than just window dressing for overly optimistic libidos.

These days, if you want to discover the most outrageous and the most technically accomplished undergarment designs, you need to descend into that murky netherworld where fashion collides with hyperurban post-punk noir culture.

We hesitate to call any …