A Frillseeking Label Grows Up
Posted by richard | December 23, 2014

There’s nothing very complicated about the perky UK brand Cheek Frills, which is probably why it’s done so well in very short time.

Launched as a briefs-only brand in late 2012, (more…)


Gwyneth Paltrow gets a lot of sarcastic flak for her envy-inducing blog Goop, which began as a window into the celeb’s privileged life and evolved into a curated marketplace of her precious personal indulgences.

But love it or hate it, there’s no denying (more…)

Agent Provocateur’s Killer Queen
Posted by richard | December 16, 2014

Looking trim, toned and powerful, 44-year-old Naomi Campbell makes an eye-popping return to lingerie modeling as the new face of Agent Provocateur‘s spring 2015 collection.

It’s also a statement-making return to form for the erotic UK lingerie brand, (more…)

Dita + Christian = XXXtian
Posted by Lingerie Talk | December 15, 2014

It’s been a boffo year for celebrity-branded lingerie, and no one has benefited more than Dita Von Teese.

The American burlesque icon’s eponymous lingerie brand has caught on with women around the world thanks to its appealing vintage glamour vibe (more…)

Christmas Sweater Undies Are A Thing
Posted by richard | December 9, 2014

Ugly Christmas sweaters have become such a staple of the season there’s even a national day to celebrate the festive fashion flops.

Even better, there’s an underwear equivalent for people who can’t get enough (more…)

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